Uniview Face Recognition Access Control with Digital Forehead Temp Measurement




OET-213H-BTM32 digital wrist temperature measurement terminal is a kind of device with storage capacity and non-contact temperature detection technology.

The digital temperature measurement module supports rapid body temperature detection (detect forehead temperature). Thus, the product can achieve image capture
and temperature detection at the same time, and support warning people with abnormal body temperature. It can be widely applied in the crowded places, such as
smart communities, schools, office buildings, hospitals and other important areas.

  • Support non-contact detection of forehead temperature, support warning people with abnormal body temperature
  • Support body temperature detection and face image capture
  • Support configure temperature detection threshold value
  • Non-contact temperature detection module, measurement range is between 30℃ to 45℃, measurement accuracy can reach 0.1℃, measurement deviation is less than or equal to 0.3℃, and measurement distance is about 1 meter
  • WDR, 2MP (1080P) low illumination wide-angle camera and F1.6 large aperture lens for capturing high quality image with various complex lighting scenes
  • Support screen sleep mode, keep the minimum brightness to prevent glare at night
  • Support video capture, support ONVIF protocol
  • Two-way audio with indoor monitor
  • Built-in 4G EMMC front end storage, stable and reliable, up to 30,000 events capacity


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