Frequently Asked Questions

How do I setup & configure my email?

Your email username is your full email address. I.e: if your email name or alias is myalias and your domain name is, use:

Your email account password is the password supplied to you by our IT team.

Use for both incoming and outgoing email servers

No encryption like SSL or TLS necessary to select. Select None as option.

Outgoing (SMTP) port: 587

Incoming port for IMAP: 143


Incoming port for POP3: 110

Place a checkmark in the box under "Use same settings as incoming for authentication on outgoing mail."

What are the steps to submit a purchase order?

Here's the process to submit a purchase order:

  1. Fill out the purchase order form.
  2. Obtain the necessary approvals from your manager or department head.
  3. Submit the approved purchase order to the procurement team.

Where can I find templates for customer presentations?

We have a library of customer presentation templates within the Sales & Marketing section of our knowledge base.

Why am I unable to Send / Receive emails?
  1. Check if the server your service is hosted on is online here.
  2. Is your internet working? Go to your browser and search for anything. If it does not time out, your internet is working fine. If not, check your internet connection: cable, wi-fi, router, dish, etc. Restart the applicable device if necessary. Test again.
  3. Make sure your security software such as Windows Firewall, Anti-Virus is not blocking the email connection ports or application.
  4. If you are still experiencing email problems, submit a support ticket here, or contact us at 010 634 0100