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The tree felling industry defines as a process of cutting down a tree. Although this may seem like a simple task to some, but in fact it is a process which can be very dangerous and if not handled by a professional tree felling services company, may result in injury or damage to property or half job done. Mathambo tree felling only use new equipment that is in good working condition.All our vehicles are roadworthy.The owner personally supervises the staff.

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Stump Removal

There are several ways to remove tree stumps. Do not try perform this task yourself without consulting a professional services company like Mathambo Tree Felling. The first step in the process involves a careful assessment of the situation and any hazard factors that may damage property or cause injury. Have you ever tried digging out a stump? No easy task.Stump grinding is the removal of tree stumps after felling.

Garden Removal

As one of the best garden refusal removal companies in Pretoria, we pride ourselves in our ability to deliver quality services to the client whenever he or she needs it. Garden refuse removal services are important to help clean gardens free from unsightly cut branches, compost, dry grass, and leaves.

Rubble Removal

We also specializing in all waste and rubble removal in Pretoria, Gauteng. Our staff will remove all unwanted materials from any premises and dispose thereof, guaranteeing you great service and peace of mind. Without any damage or injuries on the job.

Brush Cutting

We provide a neat and clean job at a minimum time. We use top of the range equipment for all our jobs. We do brush cutting on any terrain..