Cloud Backup Solutions  &  Disaster Recovery

RESTORE FILES EASILYEasy and simple access to your files

Accidentally deleted that important document you spent hours working on? No worries. Easily access all your files and folders from your Management Panel and select to restore a particular file or an entire folder – with multiple versions included from the time of each backup. Restore locally or to a remote location.

BARE METAL RECOVERYRestore your whole machine in one go

Losing an entire machine and restoring individual files and folders one by one can take an unnecessary amount of time and also cause application corruption. With a bare-metal recovery you can easily and quickly restore your entire environment from a simple boot-able USB drive. No need for Operating System reinstallation and configuration.

REVERSE SEEDINGWe’ll ship your data on a storage device

Restore time is of the essence as every second of downtime counts during a crisis. Restoring multiple devices over a slow internet connection can take hours, or potentially, days. That is where our Reverse Seeding service kicks into action. Send us a device or we'll courier you a portal drive with your precious data allowing you access to restore locally on site. All sorted!

HARDWARE REPLACEMENTWe’ll replace your hardware, files included

Replacing failed or stolen hardware can be a nightmare. When stress levels are high and the panic kicks in, the last thing on your mind is deciding what hardware to buy. Leave it to us. We'll negotiate the best price and suitable PC, Laptop or Server for you to use and perform the restore operations ourselves. You'll receive your shiny new device with all your info just as it was before the spiral began. Almost as if it never even happened.


Spin Up In The Cloud

There’s no need to wait for a restore. Take your latest full machine backup and restore it in our cloud to a virtual instance for remote access.

Recovery Targets

Restore data to its original location or select a new destination. This easily allows for you to retain copies of your original files as well as new files.

Server Migrations

Use our Cloud Backup software to easily migrate servers from one hosting company to another. Alternatively, move your existing environment from on-site to cloud-based.


Professional Packages

Ideal for small to large corporates with multiple users who require both remote cloud and on-site backups.

  • Unlimited Devices
  • Multiple Login Support
  • Data Stored in South Africa
  • Ransomware Protection
  • 24/7 Support & Monitoring
  • Windows Desktop & Server
  • Linux and Mac
  • Microsoft Plugins
  • 'Spin Up In The Cloud'
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